A downloadable experiment for Windows and Linux

Clockwork Benny is about mindless everyday life and blood.

Clockwork Benny was developed at a two day jam by five game devs from two neighbouring companies in the arctic fringes of Norway. Developed to be a part of the WriteAGame challenge in 2015.

"Completely deranged. Loved it."
- Pixel Chronicles

"Err... Cannot think of any words to describe this experience. Which is definitely a compliment! I liked it despite regretting it completely."
- Qualifiedbadger

"A very odd game indeed... it did make me smile rather morbidly..."
L. C. Lupus

"Amazing game! 10 / 10!"
- Gamasutra

"9 / 10"
- New York Times

Use a computer mouse when playing.

Good free game: http://superpoint.itch.io/clockwork-benny

Rise and shine, just another day in the life.

Free illustrative video example:

Install instructions

1. Download file

2. Install Java

3. Run file

4. ????

5. Profit


clockwork_benny_v1.0.jar 11 MB